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Pavilion for Women's Health and Wellness

Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Miami, FL

At Pavilion for Women’s Health and Wellness in Miami, patients find a skilled team of physicians and a wide range of gynecological and obstetrical services. With advanced medical and technical expertise, the team addresses each patient’s unique health needs in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

Offering services that address all stages of a woman’s life, from her first gynecological exam to menopause, the team educates patients with expert information and provides several treatment options. Whether it’s an acute problem or a chronic condition, the team promises a quality-driven experience, and they aim to ensure affordable access to healthcare.

With several years of experience, the physicians of Pavilion for Women’s Health demonstrate professionalism and expertise with every patient. No matter what your age, your health history, or your needs, these doctors provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for women of all life stages and backgrounds.

The physicians, Scott Dunkin, DO, FACOOG, and Eric Runyon, DO, FACOOG,  are affiliated with the following hospitals: South Miami Hospital, Kendall Regional Medical Center, Medical Arts Surgery Center and Westchester General Hospital.


Words from our patients

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    "I highly recommend Dr. Eric Runyon to everyone wanting to receive the best medical care in Florida."

    Stephanie M.
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    "Seriously loved coming here. I’m glad I found a great doctor to delivery my baby."

    Meisha A.
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    "Dr. Dunkin is a excellent doctor and very careful in the treatment of his patients. His work is done with a lot of love."

    Maria G.
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    "A great experience at a great place. The doctor took the time to explain and clarify my doubts."

    Giovanni S.
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    "Absolutely a pleasure going there. Staff is attentive and polite. Thank you to the doctors there for caring so well for their patients."

    Lizzie T.
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    "All of the staff is helpful and dedicated. I had a very nice experience! Thank you for everything."

    Miriam J.
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    "I'm grateful for the love and compassion the doctors display for their patients. I wouldn't trade them for the world."

    Pam B.
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    "Best OB/GYN in Miami! I wish I found them earlier!"

    Anna T.
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    "Really liked Dr. Runyon. Everyone in the office was professional and extremely nice."

    Donna H.
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    "All around amazing experience with the doctors and staff!"

    Stephanie G.
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