Uterine Endometrial Ablation


What Is the Endometrial Ablation Procedure?

Endometrial ablation is the destruction of the lining of the uterus. Women with excessive menstrual blood loss who do not wish to have a hysterectomy use endometrial ablation as an alternative to reduce their heavy menstrual flow. For some patients, their menstrual flow may completely stop.

Our doctors at Pavilion for Women’s Health offer safe and effective procedures for our patients. It is our goal to provide as much relief as possible. We will carefully observe and, with your help, monitor your symptoms in order to determine which solutions are right for you. At our center, you are always in the hands of dedicated, professional individuals.

Why Is Endometrial Ablation Done?

Doctors may recommend this procedure if you experience excessive bleeding, such as bleeding for more than eight days and needing to change a tampon or pad every two hours or less. This is not considered normal in most women and may be cause for concern.

While Endometrial Ablation may be able to help reach results in some individuals, it is not for everyone. This procedure is not recommended for women who:

  • Wish to become pregnant in the future
  • Are experience cramping
  • Past menopause
  • Have uterine cancer

Bleeding caused by cancer cannot be treated with Uterine Endometrial Ablation because it is not sufficient when the cancer may have grown deeper into the tissue. This procedure is ideal for individuals who wish to have a minimally invasive procedure performed. It does not require any incisions, specific tools are utilized to treat the cervix.

This Procedure Can Be Performed Using:

  • Laser thermal ablation
  • Thermal ablation

Uterine Ablation

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