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Childbearing is an exciting and sometimes scary time in a woman’s life. Our doctors at OBGYN Pavilionunderstand the importance of having a caring professional working together to make this time of life as comfortable as possible.

Women who choose to go through a natural childbirth can be active throughout the labor. If you choose this route you will be unmedicated and understand that you may feel pain and discomfort. Most women feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after going through a natural childbirth.

Many benefits come with Natural Deliveries, such as:

  • You are more in control during delivery and position yourself where you are most comfortable
  • You will be alert and free to move around
  • There is less chances for their to be harm done to you and your baby
  • You can work with your partner to reduce any discomfort
  • Many women feel accomplished and would chose a natural delivery again
  • You are less likely to need medication to intensify contractions for delivery
  • You will learn breathing techniques that become useful later on when caring for your newborn

Natural Childbirth

Women who decide to have a natural delivery usually take certain measures in preparation. This usually includes things such as choosing a location for the birth, finding a capable caregiver, and securing labor support. Many women who choose to deliver naturally opt for giving birth in a birth center or at home, rather than the traditional setting of a hospital. This is due to the fact that hospitals can become complicated when trying to avoid the usage of medication.

Every woman is different. A certain birth setting may not be right for everyone. At OBGYN Pavilion, we have fantastic midwives who can help make your experience that much easier and seamless. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your options with a professional. We specialize in making women feel comfortable and in charge through out the entire pregnancy process.

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We want to be there for you every step of the way from your first ultrasound. Our specialist will help you even after delivery and guide through the stressful times of having a newborn. We are devoted to providing a full range of gynecology services. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our doctors at Pavilion Healthcare and Wellness center, call us at (786) 416-0003 or click here.

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