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Words from our patients

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    "I highly recommend Dr. Eric Runyon to everyone wanting to receive the best medical care in Florida."

    Stephanie M.
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    "Seriously loved coming here. I’m glad I found a great doctor to delivery my baby."

    Meisha A.
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    "Dr. Dunkin is a excellent doctor and very careful in the treatment of his patients. His work is done with a lot of love."

    Maria G.
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    "A great experience at a great place. The doctor took the time to explain and clarify my doubts."

    Giovanni S.
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    "Absolutely a pleasure going there. Staff is attentive and polite. Thank you to the doctors there for caring so well for their patients."

    Lizzie T.
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    "All of the staff is helpful and dedicated. I had a very nice experience! Thank you for everything."

    Miriam J.
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    "I'm grateful for the love and compassion the doctors display for their patients. I wouldn't trade them for the world."

    Pam B.
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    "Best OB/GYN in Miami! I wish I found them earlier!"

    Anna T.
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    "Really liked Dr. Runyon. Everyone in the office was professional and extremely nice."

    Donna H.
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    "All around amazing experience with the doctors and staff!"

    Stephanie G.